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Class of 2015 

Melina Acosta
Isabel Auger
Rebecca Austin
Carrie Bailes
Chris Carron
Savannah Clark
Zach Gerber
Ian Grant
Shayla Lester
Melissa Lorang
Katie Lynam
Julia Moss
Mallory Mulvaney
Andrew O'Laughlin
Trish Rein
Megan White

Class of 2014

Jan Enabore
Darius Becker-Krail
Jessica Dugan
Ann Galizio
Barrett Hawkins
Elisabeth Kilroy
Erica Tracey
Anne Olsen
Jennifer Osborne
Graham Warner
Krissie Bruce
Kelsey Cantwell
Shannon Lyons
Dominika Pullmann
Bethany Pavlinchak
Mona Burns
Lisa Petruncio

Class of 2013

Amanda Coker
Erin McPherson
Bradley King
Nedda Joudeh
Amanda Kassab
Megan Hilbert
Morgan Zipperly
Daniel Lench
Samantha Patterson
Miriam Maier
Bailey Ryan
Neringa Stankeviciute
Ariana Quattlebaum
Ari Pereira
Hannah Hughes
Davy Vanderweyen
Catherine Claro
Jessica Tyler

Class of 2012 

Sonam Bhimbra
Kyle Brown
Kayla (Paige) Brubacher
Meghin Gilstrap
Sarah Grothouse
Bashir Hamidi
Will Hendricks (Departmental Honors in Biology)
Stephanie Johnson
Kelly Knecht
Alexandra Koutsos
Caroline Newman (Honors College, Departmental Top Honors, William Aiken Fellow, Bishop Robert Smith Award, Alumni Medal, John Lewis Gervais Jr. Award, Phi Kappa Phi Merit Award, Outstanding Student in Psychology Award)
Kaushal Patel (Departmental Honors in Biology)
Kimberly Pomerantz
Guilherme Porto (Honors College, Departmental Honors in Biology)
Matthew Sherrier (Outstanding Student in Psychology)
Zachary Taylor
Nakul Thakore (Departmental Honors in Biology)

Congratulations to our Neuroscience Alumni, Brandon Mizroch and Steven Green on their recent publication!
Pava MJ, Blake EM, Green ST, Mizroch BJ, Mulholland PJ, Woodward JJ. Tolerance to cannabinoid-induced behaviors in mice treated chronically with ethanol. Psychopharmacology (Berl).
2012 Jan;219(1):137-47. Epub 2011 Jun 24. PubMed PMID: 21701813;PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3249519.

Neuroscience Minor’s Senior Research in Neuropharmacology Journal
Congratulations to Lauren Ramsey ’11 on the publication of her undergraduate research as part of a new publication in Neuropharmacology.
Reichel CM, Ramsey LA, Schwendt M, McGinty JF, See RE. (2011) Methamphetamine-induced changes in the object recognition memory circuit.Neuropharmacology

Meghin Gilstrap and Kyle Brown Win Awards
Neuroscience Minors made out well at MUSC’s Student Research Day. Meghin Gilstrap received first place for her poster in the Undergraduate Division. Kyle Brown took first place for his oral presentation at the same event. They will also be presenting their work at the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Poster Session at the Society for Neuroscience meeting this coming weekend. Congratulations Meghin and Kyle!

Our 2011 Graduating Minors

Congratulations to our newest class of Neuroscience Minors.
John Bunting (Biology)
Margaret Diamond (Psychology)
Madison Hohman (Math/Chemistry)
Christine Holly (Psychology)
Corey Hopkins (Psychology)
Elise Maggioncalda (Biology)
Elisabeth Obert (Biology)
Katelyn Ogburn (Biology)
Lauren Ramsey (Biology)
Joseph Secor-Taddia (Biology)
Andrea Smith (Biology)
Cody Weidenthaler (Biology/Psychology)
Jack Wilson (Biology/Psychology)


Our graduating Neuroscience Minors traveled to Wake Forest University to attend the Symposium for Young Neuroscientists and Professors of the SouthEast.  Our students presented 11 posters and gave 2 talks at the conference.  Lauren Ramsey and Maggie Diamond both received $200 competitive travel awards to present their Bachelor’s Essay research in the student platform session.  Congratulations, Lauren and Maggie.  Next year the Neuroscience Program will be taking our students to Francis Marion University for SYNAPSE 2012.