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Advising FAQ

Is there a GPA requirement to graduate with a Neuroscience Minor?

Yes.  In accordance with the policy in the academic catalog, you must have a GPA of at least 2.000 in all of the courses that comprise the minor. In addition, in order to complete the minor a student needs to register for and complete a Bachelor’s Essay in Neuroscience.  Registration for that course requires permission of the Department Chair and you should inquire about additional requirements within your department.

If I am in BIOL351, can I change the call number to PSYC351 while I am taking the course or after I have completed the course?

No. Once the add/drop period is over, a student can no longer change the course designation on any cross-listed Neuroscience courses.

Can I double major in biology and psychology and still be a neuroscience minor?

The simple answer is yes.  If you choose this path, you may count one of your minor courses towards your Biology degree (e.g. BIOL351) and one of your minor courses towards your Psychology degree (e.g. PSYC352).  The rest of the courses required for the minor must be in addition to your required courses for each major.  No additional courses may double count with your biology or psychology degree. 

Can I have more than one minor?

Yes, although the College will only allow you to earn two different minors.  The only stipulation is that no courses you take can count in more than one of the minors.

Do I have to do an independent study for the neuroscience minor?

An independent study is not required for completion of the neuroscience minor.  The only requirement is that a student complete the year-long Bachelor’s Essay in neuroscience.  However, you might want to consider doing an independent study in the spring semester of your junior year to try out a lab before committing to a year-long project in your senior year. For more information and advice about the research requirement, look at our Bachelor's Essay guidelines.

Do I have to take BIOL/PSYC351 before BIOL/PSYC352?

No. If you have already taken PSYC 214 then you may enroll in BIOL/PSYC352 first.